Vodun altar (View from above)
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Item : Vodun altar, Picture : View from above (approx. 31 Kbytes)

This altar is composed of a pot containing anthropomorphic figures and a bell. The bell is to summon benign spirits, and to summon evil powers. The pot contains materials intended to be used to « feed » the gods with offerings. There is also a kind of skull with cowries and an old padlock (used and placed here to seal the initiation).
This object was used in the mami wata cult to protect followers leaving the place of initiation. Lali is the vodun invoked for this, or gu (the god of iron and war).

Object #2389

Origin :

Togo (Area bordering on Benin)

Type :

Ritual items

Ethnic group :

Adja / Fon

Material :

Pot, wood, iron, old padlock, cowries, sacrificial patina and vegetal materials

Size :

H = 8.5 inches

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