Mask of justice (Front view)

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Item : Mask of justice, Picture : Front view (approx. 27 Kbytes)

The Kran and Guere (Wè) are located in the south-western area of the Ivory Coast and in the southern Liberia, and both belong to the Krou group.
This mask, whose jaw is articulated, was used as dispenser of justice and protected the village from the bush spirits. It also made it possible to be paid of debts, and to take care on the mothers and their children.

Object #2972

Origin :

Ivory Coast (Cavally area, bordering on southern Liberia)

Type :

Masks and headdresses

Ethnic group :

Kran (Guere (Wè), Krou group)

Material :

Aged and patinated wood, vegetable fibers, material

Size :

H = 15.3 inches

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