Eastern Pende mask (Front view)

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Item : Eastern Pende mask, Picture : Front view (approx. 25 Kbytes)

The Pende live in the southwestern part of Zaire. They are mainly farmers, producing millet, maize, plantain and peanuts. The women do most of the farm work and all of the selling of goods in community markets. Men help clear fields and occasionally hunt and fish for additional food. The Pende people are matrilineal, with the eldest maternal uncle recognized as the head of the family with responsibility for the well-being of the family and taking care of the ancestors. The Pende carve several types of masks (human and animal forms are often linked), mostly associated with education and initiation rituals. The masks embody ancestral forces and serve as intermediaries with the spirit world.

19th century.

Origin :
Purchased from a private collection, Amsterdam
Collection Alex Arthur, Brussels

Object #5417

Origin :

D. R. Congo

Type :

Masks and headdresses

Ethnic group :

Pende (Eastern)

Material :

Wood, fine aged patina, natural pigments

Size :

H = 8.8 inches

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