Bamana Kore mask (Three quarters view)
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Item : Bamana Kore mask, Picture : Three quarters view (approx. 14 Kbytes)

This very fine and old mask, called kore suruku, was used by the kore society within the framework of initiatory rites, and in agricultural ceremonies. This mask is extremely rare, and belongs to an unusual type characterized by its stylistics' proportions and iconography. It probably represents a hyena, one of the totemic animals of this secret community. The significance of the long ears could be that the komo spirit hears every sound. The incised patterns are probably fertility symbols.
At the time of these ceremonies, the mask, then inert and secular, became the attribute of a dressed up dancer which gave it life and word. Because this is only through the movement, and through the dancer more particularly, that the mask finds its effectiveness.
18th / 19th century.

Object #2977

Origin :

Mali (Koutiala area)

Type :

Masks and headdresses

Ethnic group :

Bamana (Bambara)

Material :

Fine aged and patinated wood

Size :

H = 21.6 inches

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