Dogon ancestor figure (Detail)
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Item : Dogon ancestor figure, Picture : Detail (approx. 17 Kbytes)

This very beautiful female figure is a perfect example of the Dogon statuary (Seno style). The schematic volumes reducing the plastic to what is here considered as essential, underlines elements linked to womanliness and fertility. The breasts, very accentuated, leave shoulders to preserve the elongated form of this object. Metal rings are attached to the ears.

Sculpted in traditional forms and proportions, this figure was undoubtedly dedicated to the ancestors' cult (narin).
19th century.

Object #2331

Origin :

Mali (Seno plain area)

Type :


Ethnic group :


Material :

Brownish patinated wood, aged sacrificial patina, metal rings

Size :

H = 25.9 inches

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