Dogon figure (Three quarters view)
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Item : Dogon figure, Picture : Three quarters view (approx. 15 Kbytes)

This anthropomorphic statuette, probably an ancestor or a nommo figure, is represented with hands clasped in front of the lower abdomen, and with a cylindrical treatment of the body. The human form is reduced to its essential significance. The rounded face, the cubist processing and the shaped legs are in a specific style of Dogon located in the Bandiagara cliffs villages. The surface patina is composed of a thick encrustation of sacrificial material.

This sculpture was probably used on the ancestors' altar or in the binu sanctuary. It was acting as support of the vital force called nyama. It comes from the deserted old village of Ireli (see attached pictures).

Probably 16th / 18th century.

Object #2492

Origin :

Mali (Collected from Ireli, Bandiagara cliffs)

Type :


Ethnic group :


Material :

Wood, encrustation

Size :

H = 12.2 inches

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