Bamana Do Nyeleni figure (Three quarters view)

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Item : Bamana Do Nyeleni figure, Picture : Three quarters view (approx. 16 Kbytes)

This Bamana figure was used in the fertility rituals of the dyow societies, and its role was to ensure the vital force within the village. For this reason, it played a significant role at the initiation ceremonies of the young adults (dyo initiates) : transmission of the social and moral rules of conduct, perpetuation of the religious practices and of the ancestors' cult (faro, goddess of water). This statuette is the guardian of the community knowledge.

The face is treated with sweetness and concern of the detail, and harmonious proportions. The patina is the result of the particular care which is taken to this piece. To be purified, and thus to intervene with effectiveness, this statuette was to be regularly washed.

Probably early 19th century.

Object #5310

Origin :


Type :


Ethnic group :

Bamana (Bambara)

Material :

Bright brownish wood, fine aged and eroded patina

Size :

H = 17.1 inches

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