Montol healer figure (Front view)

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Item : Montol healer figure, Picture : Front view (approx. 12 Kbytes)

This statuette, probably of therapeutic use, represents a female figure in very stylized geometrical forms. The arms are truncated, and legs are flared.

Located on the northern bank of the Benue river, the few Montol population is enough unrecognized. Present data indicates that such statues have a variety of essential communal roles and function in many ways : in divination, in healing rites, in lineage to affirm status, and as vessels to facilitate communication with the ancestors or spirit beings. This statuette was probably used in divination and healing rites by a secret men's society called komtin or kwomten.
19th century or earlier.

Origin : Collection Yves Develon, Paris, 1995

Object #2406

Origin :


Type :


Ethnic group :

Montol (or Ngas)

Material :

Wood with beautiful deep encrusted gray patina

Size :

H = 17 inches

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