Boki ancestor figure (Three quarters view)

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Item : Boki ancestor figure, Picture : Three quarters view (approx. 17 Kbytes)

This statuette, which has been largely obliterated by use patina and erosion, presents a face with protruding eyes surmounted by an openwork rectangular headdress. Scarifications are carved on the temples. It could represent a female figure, a protective ancestor, in very stylized geometrical forms. Entirely covered with white coats, probably made of kaolin, it was placed in a sanctuary dedicated to the spirit of nature anjenu. This statuette anjenu appears in the worships of fertility, reinforces the religious power of the sanctuary, and could also be used in divination rituals. It was then a receptacle facilitating the communication with the ancestors and the water spirits.

18th century or earlier.

Object #4239

Origin :

Nigeria (Area located between the Cross River and the Benue River)

Type :


Ethnic group :

Boki (or Idoma / Egede)

Material :

Wood, sacrificial materials, age-old use patina and erosion

Size :

H = 10.1 inches

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