Keaka protective figure (Front view)

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Item : Keaka protective figure, Picture : Front view (approx. 16 Kbytes)

This anthropomorphic figure probably depicts a protective spirit of the village. It was formerly used to protect the houses, and to chase away the ghostly spirits of the deceased.

The stylistic construction of this piece is fairly crude and austere. This rustic kind of sculpture marks the transition between Cross River sculptures (Igbo, Ibibio …) and the arts from the Cameroon Grasslands (Bamiléké, Bangwa …).
18th / 19th century or earlier.

Object #2402

Origin :

Nigeria (Southern Cross River area, bordering on Cameroon)

Type :


Ethnic group :


Material :

Wood, very old and thick crusty sacrificial patina, vegetal fibers

Size :

H = 22.4 inches

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