Luba two-faced figure (Front view)
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Item : Luba two-faced figure, Picture : Front view (approx. 15 Kbytes)

This figurine, called kabeja, was the privilege of chiefs, diviners and high-ranking members of the esoteric societies (mainly the secret society bagabo). Used for the veneration of ancestors, an important feature of life in Hemba society, this two-headed statuette was connected with primordial twins' cult.

A hole in the figurine's head served as receptacle for medicinal substances (called bijimba), items thought to have rare powers, such as the hair of twins (fertility), but it was considered to be void until charged with substances.

18th / 19th century.

Object #2512

Origin :

D. R. Congo

Type :


Ethnic group :

Luba / Hemba

Material :

Beautiful deep black patinated wood, ancient fracture on one of the arms

Size :

H = 8.6 inches

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