Female Ewe altar figure (Three quarters view)

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Item : Female Ewe altar figure, Picture : Three quarters view (approx. 13 Kbytes)

This statuette is considered to link the visible to the invisible, the spirits and the ancestors to the human beings. The end of the figure is generally stuck into the ground so as to emerge from the earth. The Ewe personifies the earth as an ambivalent mother. Apart from alluding to the interdependence of the sexes in the procreative process, the male figure alludes to the negative aspect of the spirits, and the female to the positive one. This female figure was one of a pair originally placed in a family altar.
This example symbolizes the enigma of the maternal principle in the Ewe universe. The full breasts and longish neck evoke maternal support, beauty and grace. The schematized pose, enlarged rounded head and pronounced facial features allude to the procreative power with which she renews life at the physical and metaphysical levels.
Probably 18th century.

Object #4322

Origin :

Togo (Southwestern area, bordering Ghana)

Type :


Ethnic group :


Material :

Bright brownish wood, aged and eroded patina

Size :

H = 12.5 inches

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