Dogon door lock (Three quarters view)
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Item : Dogon door lock, Picture : Three quarters view (approx. 22 Kbytes)

This door lock (called ta koguru) depicts in abstract way the primordial couple which gave birth to the four couples of nommo considered as being the eight ancestors of the mankind (Dogon myth of Creation). The horns of the walu antelope symbolize this couple of ancestors. These are rafters-carved, symbol of water and fertility, and also of the spiritual being nommo in water and rain. The truncated legs appear at the bottom of the lock, which becomes the body of the figures. It should also be noted stars engravings on the body.

18th / 19th century.

Object #2397

Origin :

Mali (Kani Kombole village, Bandiagara cliffs)

Type :

Door locks

Ethnic group :


Material :

Wood, metal, beautiful aged brownish patina

Size :

H = 14.1 inches

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