Malinke door lock (Three quarters view)

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Item : Malinke door lock, Picture : Three quarters view (approx. 14 Kbytes)

This lock was intended to represent the hornbill, associated with the rainy season and the fertility of growing. Birds are almost an exclusive theme of the Malinke door lock. The lower portion of the vertical beam is sculpted in the form of a long beak, while the flare atop could represent the tail. The surfaces of this lock are devoid of designs, but the bolt is sculpted with an unusual knob on the right side where the key is inserted.

The Malinke live in southwestern Mali in the areas of Wassalou and Baninko. They also live in the northwestern adjacent areas near the district of Djitoumou and Kita, and in Guinea. Sharing a number of cultural commonalities and rituals with their neighbors, the Bamana, Malinke locks have certain features in common with their Bamana counterparts in terms of overall structure, locking devices, and engraved symbols.
19th century or earlier.

Object #4248

Origin :

Mali (Kita area)

Type :

Door locks

Ethnic group :


Material :

Very hard wood, crusty aged patina

Size :

H = 17 inches

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