Dogon altar figure (Three quarters view)
Guimbala, Songo villageMaps

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Item : Dogon altar figure, Picture : Three quarters view (approx. 29 Kbytes)

This object was probably placed on a family altar to serve as physical medium through which the deceased ancestors' soul (vageu) was expressed. It was also the physical support for their vital strength (nyama).

This piece, remarkably stylized and very ancient (17th / 18th century), symbolizes the primordial couple as well as the nommo ancestors of the mankind.

Object #2208

Origin :

Mali (Songo village, Guimbala area)

Type :

Ritual items

Ethnic group :


Material :

Eroded wood with fine sacrificial patina

Size :

W = 2.7 inches; H = 5.5 inches

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