Bozo stool (Three quarters view)
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Item : Bozo stool, Picture : Three quarters view (approx. 24 Kbytes)

This small and very ancient wooden stool has been collected in the Bozo country. The evidence of wear, on the upper square surface and on the supports, suggests that it was made to sit on. It may be that it was intended for use by women or children, or a boatman. This stool is extraordinary in its slender and symmetrical character, and its old-used patina (probably 19th century or earlier).

Bozo people lives on banks of the Niger, near their Dogon neighbors. They are the most former population established in this area. They are fishing or paddlers. Their resources come from fishing, as well as the river transport. During several centuries, Bozo hold the monopoly of the transport of the rock salt plates coming from the mines located in the northern Mali, in Taoudeni (see picture). These plates are transported by the Bozo paddlers, which then take over the Tuareg caravans coming from the desert, from Timbuktu to Bamako.

Object #2547

Origin :

Mali (Mopti area)

Type :

Ethnographic items

Ethnic group :


Material :

Very dense beige wood, age-old used patina

Size :

W = 6.1 inches; H = 4.5 inches

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