Bwa women stool (Three quarters view)

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Item : Bwa women stool, Picture : Three quarters view (approx. 21 Kbytes)

Among the Bwa, such stools, as well as other personal property, become intimately associated with the spirit of the owner after decades of use. So that when she dies her stool is placed on the family ancestral shrine as a vehicle for communication from one generation to the next.

Men have personal stools which invariably have three legs, while women's stools have four. The numbers four and three are associated with the female and male genders in much of Africa. This graceful stool comes equipped with a handle that represents a head and whose surface gives evidence of decades of use.
19th century or earlier.

Object #5350

Origin :

Burkina Faso (Dedougou area)

Type :

Ethnographic items

Ethnic group :


Material :

Very dense wood, very age-old used patina

Size :

W = 17.5 inches; H = 9.2 inches

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