Dogon granary shutter (Front view)
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Item : Dogon granary shutter, Picture : Front view (approx. 21 Kbytes)

This very old small shutter was placed midway up the granary wall. It provided access, throughout the year following harvests, to the goods stored inside (millet, sorghum, rice, corn). The Dogon granaries are narrow, four-sided or round, with a structure made of wood and covered with cob, and generally a thatch roof or a terrace roof (see picture).

The chevrons symbolize the lebe snake, as well as the rain. The central motif represents the origin of the universe, and the four primordial nommo : amma serou, lebe serou, binu serou and diogou serou. It also symbolizes the amma celestial Ark which represents the creation of the Earth, as well as the four elements (ground, air, water and fire).
18th / 19th century.

Object #2215

Origin :

Mali (Ende area, Bandiagara cliffs)

Type :

Architectural components

Ethnic group :


Material :

Wood with a grey patina, covered in places with a crusty material

Size :

W = 9 inches; H = 15.9 inches

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