Dogon Toguna post (Front view)
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Item : Dogon Toguna post, Picture : Front view (approx. 11 Kbytes)

The toguna (sheltered meeting place) is the site where the men elders meet to discuss maters of the village ; this is also a place where the word of experienced men makes law. The toguna consists of an open structure with vertical elements (in most cases, and ideally, eight posts) that support a thatched roof. In the cliffs area, the posts may be mud brick (see attached pictures). The roof is low so that the men inside must remain seated in discussion. The thatch is ideally composed of eight tiers. The tiers refer, as do the toguna posts, to the eight ancestral nommo (Dogon cosmogony).
Toguna posts, like much with other Dogon objects, are decorated with a dege (protective spirit with much significance). It is the domain of men, but its posts often exhibit female or sexual imagery. Here a pair of breasts relief-carved, symbol of fertility and reaffirming women's role as a pillar of society.

Origin : Purchased from Claude Lebas, Paris, 1993

Object #2364

Origin :

Mali (Seno plain area)

Type :

Architectural components

Ethnic group :


Material :

Natural eroded wood

Size :

H = 49.2 inches

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