Dogon pendant (Profile view)
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Item : Dogon pendant, Picture : Profile view (approx. 15 Kbytes)

Dogon pendants depicting a human figure are extremely rare. This one, whose legs are bent and slightly apart, raises one arm to cover its face, the other lies on the knee. The mouth is half-opened.

This object would be attributed to the Tellem or the Soninke. It could be from the Inland Niger Delta region or the Guimbala, the western Bandiagara cliffs area. The figure's gesture could be referred to gestures of Dogon ritual life, like people hiding their face in their hands at funerals.

This representation is carried out with great care, drawing attention to the distress, through the sensitivity of the features and the sensuality of the forms. This sculpture is undoubtedly one of the most moving in our exhibition.

11th / 15th century.

Object #2962

Origin :

Mali (Inland Niger Delta area)

Type :

Jewellery and materials

Ethnic group :

Tellem / Dogon

Material :

Oxidized pewter

Size :

H = 2.2 inches

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