Lobi pendant (Front view)

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Item : Lobi pendant, Picture : Front view (approx. 27 Kbytes)

This Lobi or Loro pendant is symbolizing, in very abstract way, four snake or crocodile heads jointed around a circular form. Worn with a leather link, it was used to chase away the ghostly spirits. This pendant enclosed the protective strength of the lineage.
Just west of the Black Volta river, this particular region appears to be a place where a high degree of artistry in copper has been found. Enjoying the patronage of both the Lobi and Koulango, the Loro were pre-eminent in the field of metal casting.
17th / 19th century.

Object #4338

Origin :

Burkina Faso (Southern Burkina Faso, bordering Ivory Coast)

Type :

Jewellery and materials

Ethnic group :

Lobi (or Loro)

Material :

Patinated copper alloys, made using the process of lost wax

Size :

H = 2.8 inches

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